Åre Enduro


Åre Enduro 8 juli -2016

Welcome to the 2016 ÅRE ENDURO BY SWEET PROTECTION and the first ever Swedish enduro championship! The Åre Enduro is northern Europe’s biggest, longest and most fun enduro race with a EWS worthy course in a magnificent setting. This will be a day to remember, we promise.

The competition is open to riders from all countries. Only racers with a Swedish license compete for the Swedish championship. However, prizes will be awarded to the top riders in every category so foreign riders will not be left out!

The race will finish at the village square were the après bike kicks off as soon as the first rider reaches the finish line.

For the non-initiated, enduro is a rally style race format consisting of 4-5 timed special stages, with liaisons in between them. The riders use a mix of pedal power and lifts to reach the top of each stage. This is the latest craze in the world of cycling, some people call it a return to the roots of mountain biking. We can guarantee you an action packed day with the best riders in Scandinavia duking it out for the crown, on an exciting and challenging course.

För deltagande i alla event under Åre Bike Festival krävs festivalpasset, med passet så har du möjlighet att delta i alla event samt ta del av alla Bike Festival deals. Åre Video Challenge kan du köpa biljetter till separat. Anmälan och mer information finns på www.arebikefestival.com

Åre Enduro i Åre Bike  Park

Åre Enduro är ett event som gå av stapeln i Åre Bike under Åre Bike Festival .


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